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Who is Archie Baker?

Archie Baker’s guitar playing is electric. Literally.

An experienced band leader and blues revivalist, Baker writes and plays contemporary soul and blues music that is catchy, energetic and imposing.

Complimented by his massive, nine-piece band, Baker sits neatly in the centre of the music. His distinct guitar playing shifts between gentle accompaniment, and euphoric, soaring lead, while his vocals benefit from an understated and gravelly tone that is unique to Baker’s style.

Born in Kingston Upon Thames, Archie moved to Sheffield in 2016, where he cut his teeth in the local soul and jazz scene. Baker’s guitar playing evolved in contrast to the more-dominant Sheffield rock scene, generally favouring a precise, clean playing style and warm, bluesy tones. Slowly, but surely, he found his niche as a vocalist, before going on to form his original soul and blues band, Archie Baker & The Blue Meanies.

Baker’s debut album, Carbrook, showcases the best of his songwriting and musicianship, with each track exploring a different blend of modern soul and blues music. Carbrook was recorded mostly live at Fox Den Studios, in Sheffield, with The Blue Meanies. The recordings benefit from an explosive horn section and a desperately punctual rhythm section, as well as featured collaborations from Baker’s long-term friends and musical partners, Chloë Beth Rogers and Courtney Wilson.

In 2024, Baker plans to record more music, play more gigs, and have more fun.

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Other Projects


The Lemur Conspiracy

Archie Baker is one-eighth of The Lemur Conspiracy - a Sheffield-based instrumental jazz-funk band with influences including Nubiyan Twist, Fela Kuti, Ezra Collective, and The Crusaders.


Chloë Beth Rogers

Chloë Beth Rogers is an original soul, blues and r&b artist from Wales, based in Sheffield. Archie performs, produces and arranges with Chloë, while Chloë is a valued member of Archie's band, The Blue Meanies.

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